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PayRecs Discovery & Custom Site Build

Financial Institutions don’t have to be stuffy. Partnering with Custer Creative we developed a soft rebranding strategy coupled with a new website. We led them through our discovery process to dig down and find out who PayRecs is to develop their online presence. Spoiler alert: a cool start-up that automates and simplifies money movement – globally.


  • Primary Objective: Clearly communicate and demonstrate the product to instill confidence in prospective customers.
  • Additional Objectives: Partner with Banks and Businesses to provide the PayRecs system

“Because we’re a new company, we needed our website to demonstrate to our prospective customers and potential investors that we are trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable.”

Jon Dobson

Pain Points

  • Existing site didn’t clearly explain PayRecs capabilities
  • Lacked visuals and polished design
  • Vague and slim content
  • Missing personality and credibility


The previous website was basic and it was time to take it to the next level. The first stage of the project was a brand discovery in which we got to know PayRecs team.

PayRecs is a jean-wearing casual team that is knowledgable and dedicated to delivering innovative solutions so that banks and their customers can thrive.

Through activities we identified their values, messaging and brand voice.

Simple – Impactful – Transparent – Elevate

PayRecs brings a clean, simple, and transparent app to banks and businesses internationally that efficiently and smoothly moves money guiding our clients to thrive in both business and life.

This discovery gave us a good sounding board to base our content and design decisions from. Researching competitors websites as well as the target market gave us insight to communicate their message visually and through simplified verbiage.

Then we got to sketching, we planned out the site pages, the navigation, the funnels and the customer journey. This was then transferred to digital form in Adobe XD where we reviewed the content and strategy. The concept of moving money expanded into the motion and animations and visual design.

User interface elements and the style guide were expanding upon the brand redesign and established consistency in colors, typography and other web components.


These stats compare three months before the new site launch and three months after the site launch.

Contact form entries increased by 86%

Number of users increased by 70.4%

Sessions increased by 77.6%

Page views increased by 20%


After the launch announcement on LinkedIn, PayRecs reached their goal of engagement and received accolades on how well the site encompassed who they were. We were able to achieve the online presence they were seeking as a credible start-up company. Just like their application to move money globally, the website is also simple to use and understand and reflects their forward movement and success.