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Because Content Rules CMS Rocks

This post is another regurgitation of what I did in the past as I collect things to show the world. Here are my thoughts on CMS and content in 2021.

CMS is short for Content Management System. I would compare it to a social media page to someone who is new. CMS is *usually* browser based, you visit a url, login and get access to a hidden dashboard of menus to find types of content like posts or pages.

A key to building website reputation and visitors is to publish fresh content. Content helps bring in people to your site, present you as an expert and builds your credibility. After a site launches you should create a strategy for how to grow your content based on keywords you want to rank for in google.

The benefit of utilizing a CMS is that you don’t have to be a programmer to understand the interface. When I build a site I consider how a client will use a website just as much as how a viewer will. I build out the CMS so you can add content and make updates with simple steps.

Some CMSs that are out there are WordPress, Drupal, Craft, Joomla. My main focus is WordPress. The WordPress team is constantly finding ways to improve the functionality of the software. Full site editing has been advancing rapidly and it is making it even easier to rapidly build pages.

I strongly believe that it shouldn’t take a developer to make simple content updates to a website. Enabling clients and their team by giving them the power of publishing content to the web has been a great experience. I enjoy seeing how they use the tool I built within the CMS and it never gets old to hear someone say the website I created for them is so easy to use!

When do I need a developer?

CMS are great but they will only get you so far without deep knowledge into the code of the software. That’s why it’s important to have a friendly developer on your side. We can’t account for all of the future functionality when building your site but the good news is the CMS is scalable and it can expand in many ways. Communicate limitations you are experiencing and identify your pain points to find solutions.

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What’s your experience using a CMS? Did you like it?

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