Okay, I’m about to lay it all out there for you guys to see how I fell into web dev and UX design.

1993 Built a computer, tinkered with every setting possible

1994 Built a website on geocities, modified everything

1995 Used HTML snips in myspace to customize

2004 Sought graphic design degree to combine computers and art

2006 Got a design job at a t-shirt shop

2006 Learned how to use e-commerce CMS for t-shirt shop website

2007 HTML + CSS + PHP to customize and modify purchased themes

2009 Completed BFA in graphic design

2009 Built layouts with HTML, CSS and familiarizing with web hosts

2012 Web development internship for 3 months- learned Joomla

2013 Accepted a web dev job and learned WordPress CMS

2014 Building fully custom WordPress themes back to back

2015 Responsive WP – Bootstrap framework

2015 More HTML + CSS + PHP+ jQuery + Javascript

2015 Added ACF for intuitive UI of dashboard

2016 Utilization of Foundation Grid based theme

2017 Building UX/UI methods and implementation

2017 ACF Flexible templates and clones for drag and drop experience, experimentation with new WordPress blocks

2018 Sass (Codekit), GIT (sourcetree), Javascript

2018 Familiarizing in Terminal, docker, docker-compose (thanks Jacob Walker)

2019 Seeking next things – interested in learning more about database connections, APIs, programming languages

2020 Started answering questions on

2020 Building up git accounts, projects

2021 Starting Freelance Heather New LLC

2021 Joined A11yTalks Team

2022 Joined MERGE as a full time Senior Studio Artist honing in on all the technical aspects of design

2022 Started designing in the 3D space building augmented reality experiences

2023 Started AI learning, LLM, Gen AI, prompts, using AI in everyday life

2023 AI Council member at MERGE

2023 Studio and Creative leader in AI tools and solutions

2024 Joined the MERGE Garage team focused on innovation

2024 Certificate in User Experience Design completed at Loyola


During my career, I’ve worked with a pool of massively talented people and not only has that shaped the developer I am but the person I have become.

I enjoy working with people who love what they do. Do you need a website for your passion project?

Let’s talk, chances are I have some ideas about the marketing strategy. I can build a website for you.


MERGE (2022 – NOW)

I work with a variety of clients like Subway, American Express, Elanco, T-Mobile and Supernus. I’m a wild card creative that fills roles as needed in UX design, building training docs, researching, pioneering new tools, compiling documentation, building process, prepping assets, email marketing, basically any digital application and occasionally print. I utilize best practices and the technical side of design to prep files and ensure exceptional quality, accuracy and compliance. I hold a seat on the AI council, lead AI efforts for the Creative and Studio team as well as operate as a consultant on the Innovation team.

Senior Digital Developer

Greteman Group (2016 – 2021)

I lead, consulted and built web projects and process while operating as on site IT. Transferring highly polished creative design deliverables and ideas into fully functioning websites was my main role. My expertise was sought for best practices, usability, all things computer, as well as training and interacting with the clients. Aviation Partners, Flight Safety, Executive Air Share and WSU Foundation were a few clients I had the pleasure to work with.

Web Developer

Prime Concepts (2014 – 2016)

My main role was to built custom WordPress websites for a variety of clients. Creating websites and landing pages quickly and efficiently pushed my development process helping me to level up to fully customized solutions for clients. Some clients I worked on during my time at PC were Sarah Robbins, Randy Gage, Cathy O’Dowd, Robyn Benincasa, and Patricia Fripp.


Certificate in User Experience Design (Pending)
Loyola University Chicago – 2024

BFA Graphic Design
Fort Hays State University – 2009

High School Diploma
Bishop Carroll High School – 2004

I’m learning everyday and consume online training from “YouTube University” and Linkedin Learning. I might pick up a new feature in Figma, create a new automation process in Photoshop or explore a cutting edge AI tool. I’m very excited to hoard solutions for the next fire drill that may heat up the day. / Linkedin Learning
  • For more current list see LinkedIn Profile!
  • WordPress: REST API – 2/20
  • WP Secure Sites – 11/19
  • jQuery UI & UI Widgets – 10/19
  • UX Foundation: Accessibility – 10/19
  • UX Foundation: Prototyping – 10/19
  • All Units HTML & CSS – 6/16
  • WP: Dev Blocks w/Gutenberg – 5/19
  • WordPress 5 Essentials – 12/18
  • Building Themes with DW & WP – 2/18
  • CSS: Animation – 7/18
  • GitHub for Web Designers – 7/18
  • Learning SVG – 7/18
  • Version Control for Everyone – 7/18
  • WP Plugins: Adv. Cus. Fields – 7/18
  • Workflow Tools for Web Dev – 7/18
  • Dreamweaver – Git Version – 6/18
  • Git Essential Training – 6/18
  • Gulp.js, Git, Browserify – 6/18
  • JavaScript Essentials – 6/18
  • Learning Git and GitHub – 6/18
  • WP: Dev with Sass and Grunt.js – 6/18
  • Illustrator for UX Design – 2/17
  • UX Design: 1 Overview – 2/17
  • Designing Web for Performance -1/17
  • UX for Web Designers – 1/17
  • Learn JavaScript Functions – 10/17
  • Learn JavaScript Control Flow – 10/17
  • Learn JavaScript Intro – 10/17
  • Learn Sass – 10/17
  • Learn Git – 6/16
  • All Units HTML & CSS 6/16



I just first want to say that your work is simply lovely. I cannot express how happy I am with what you have shown me so far. You have captured the vision that I have for the website. Kudos to you!


You’re an awesome artist / designer / programmer / derby girl / handyman / dog mom / coworker!


Rock-Solid, Badass, Figure-out-anything problem solver, Hard Worker, Motivated and Cool as Hell Powerhouse.


I probably would have never figured out web design if it weren’t for your patience and help anytime I had a question. You’re a kick ass human and always inspiring me to design my life. I know I’ll see you around but thank you for being such an amazing coworker!


Thanks for keeping me sane everyday. Appreciate your talent, dedication and friendship.


Heather, You Rock! You have a heart of gold, and I love working with you. You bring great ideas to the table and overall make life a lot easier!