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8 ways Roller Derby is Like Web Development – NOW

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While working in agencies I was occasionally asked to write blogs for the company website. Here is one that I was accused of click baiting! Hah. The original post was for Prime Concepts Group. I really find it helpful to use analogies to explain things to “non-tech” people.

Let’s go over the points and see if they’re still relevant 7 years later.

I’ll simplify for you but you can read the original post here.


SEO, UX/UI, GTM, rule of thirds, ajax, api…and on. Industry terms can be very overwhelming just like hearing a coach yell at you to grab the jammer panty. Want to learn more roller derby jargon? Watch this video my wife and I made to describe the game.

2. It Takes Practice – Yes

As a developer you constantly learn and discover new techniques. As a skater you discover what your body can do physically to support new movements.

3. Essential Gear – Sure

You’ll need the basic computer setup with internet, some software to help along the way. Skates, pads, jerseys gear up with the proper equipment for the job.

4. Team Player – Absolutely

So far in my freelance journey I have jumped on a couple of open source teams (a11ytalks and WPRig) to maintain the feeling of being a team player.

5. Strategy – Duh

There aren’t many things in my life that don’t require strategy. My wife and I even strategize food so meals don’t overwhelm us. Both web dev and roller derby have goals and it takes strategy to reach those goals. Get results and Win!

6. Style – Uh Huh

It feels fantastic to hear your name chanted by the crowd when you step on that track. You want to be looking fly when you do. Same with your website. When you get people there, make sure it looks great is consistent with your brand and gives the fans what they’re looking for.

7. Be Engaging – YesSir

Bring in your personalty and voice to your website, bring energy to the messaging to build rapport with your customers. Having a personal connection and interacting with people goes a long way. Reach out to them in clever ways, offer value and entertainment.

8. Results Win – Yes

Working hard pays off. You’ve learned terms and have practiced. Your team gears up ready to execute the plan, you look great. Go Win!

So, did you think this was click bait? I hope you learned something. Any questions about roller derby or web development?