I love web and design is life.

I’m Heather, a designer, developer, builder, maker, dreamer… to sum it up I’m a creative with a knack for solving problems. I enjoy the process of building beautiful products that consider function, user experience, accessibility and strategy. Feel free to reach out to discuss tech, trends or projects you think I would find interesting.


Design feeds my curiosity.

I started seeing code as another tool available to me as I was finishing my design degree and my hunger for more led to online training, internships, word camps and acquiring full time employment. Development became my vehicle for presenting fantastic design.

I love analogies, learning skills and building. Code is the means to an end.

I have the tools

I approach design as a lifestyle, it’s the thoughts and decisions made that can shape and become influences in our daily life. I learned the core principles of design, the thought process as well as how to use creative software from highly skilled professors, coworkers and mentors. I apply the process towards other activities like home renovation, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, wood working and DIY projects.