Heather New Designer

I love web, code is cool and design is life.

I’m Heather, a designer, developer, builder, maker, dreamer… to sum it up I’m a creative with a knack for solving problems (I guess they’re calling it a multidisciplinary creative as of late). I enjoy the process of building beautiful products that consider function, user experience, and accessibility. Feel free to reach out to discuss AI, tech, trends or projects you think I would find interesting.

Latest Projects

It all starts with a sketch (Or a Figjam)

UX Research & Wireframe
Plant Chicago

This non-profit is renovating their space and expanding its facilities to support 20-30 indoor growers. They desire a tool to communicate to members and track activities within the space. Efforts are actively being made to expand and facilitate this fantastic community resource. My team interviewed growers and leadership at Plant Chicago to learn about the organization processes as well as deep diving into their needs.

After gathering the insight from our users, my partner and I built a Figma Wireframe proposing areas of a mobile app accessible on all devices.



I just first want to say that your work is simply lovely. I cannot express how happy I am with what you have shown me so far. You have captured the vision that I have for the website. Kudos to you!


You’re an awesome artist / designer / programmer / derby girl / handyman / dog mom / coworker!


Rock-Solid, Badass, Figure-out-anything problem solver, Hard Worker, Motivated and Cool as Hell Powerhouse.


I probably would have never figured out web design if it weren’t for your patience and help anytime I had a question. You’re a kick ass human and always inspiring me to design my life. I know I’ll see you around but thank you for being such an amazing coworker!


Thanks for keeping me sane everyday. Appreciate your talent, dedication and friendship.


Heather, You Rock! You have a heart of gold, and I love working with you. You bring great ideas to the table and overall make life a lot easier!